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When it comes to fat loss, a lot of people tend to overthink every single aspect of it, from the perfect diet plan, to the trendiest workout routine, to the next greatest fat loss supplement.

I’ve got news for you, all of the above DOESN’T MATTER if you’re not in a calorie deficit.

You can achieve a calorie deficit by following Joe Wicks’ ‘Lean in 15’ recipes, you can achieve a calorie deficit by going ‘paleo’ or ‘vegan’ or by ‘counting your macros’, it’s totally up to you.

The point I’m trying to make is that a calorie deficit can be created by following any number of different diet plans. The best one is always going to be the one that works for you and the one that you are capable of sticking to long term.

The fact is that if you’re in a calorie deficit you WILL lose weight, if you aren’t in a calorie deficit you will NOT lose weight, it really is that simple, the key is to find a sustainable way of dieting.

If you’re able to follow the ‘Lean in 15’ plan and lose weight over a long period of time then maybe that’s the ‘best diet’ for you, if you’re not then that diet is absolutely useless for you, this applies to nearly every diet on the market… However there are more than a fair few diets that nobody should ever consider Juice Plus and Herbalife meal replacements spring to mind – they’re not sustainable or healthy and they are severely overpriced.

There is no ‘best’ diet for everyone, just what works for you, the individual.

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