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It seems that glutes are the new abs and everyone wants a bigger butt, the problem is that most people are going about it all the wrong way. It’s not quite as simple as putting a few squats, lunges and kickbacks into your routine, your glutes are a huge, powerful group of muscles and need to be trained accordingly, the pink dumbbells won’t cut it.

Poor exercise selection/programming is the number one reason why most people are not reaching their glute goals (number two and three are impatience and not eating enough to build muscle, but I digress.) While squats and lunges are great exercises and can help you build great glutes, there isn’t enough direct stress on the glute musculature to really create an adaptive response and increase muscle size to the degree that most people desire.

Now, I’m not advocating taking exercises such as squats and lunges out of your routine, I’d simply recommend adding in other, more effective glute exercises alongside squats and lunges such as hip thrust variations, deadlift variations, kettlebell swings (done properly), frog pumps, back extensions, and GHR’s (glute ham raises).

To help you on your quest for great glutes we have created a detailed four week glute specialisation program, which will teach you the specifics needed to build the best glutes in the gym.


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