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F-Bomb Pre Workout Product Details

With 250mg of caffeine, 6,000mg of citrulline malate and 3,500mg of beta-alanine per serving Força Fuel F-Bomb will allow you to withstand fatigue, enhance fat loss, improve blood flow, increase nutrient delivery and waste product clearance as well as elevating alertness and having a positive effect on strength/power.


Join the thousands of people who fuel their performance with F-Bomb. When comparing F-Bomb to competitors pre-workouts the difference in quality is clear. We only use ingredients and dosages that are proven to work, no fillers and no proprietary blends.


A combination of high quality, proven performance enhancing ingredients at optimal doses such as 6,000mg citrulline malate, 3,500mg beta alanine and 250mg caffeine anyhydrous make F-Bomb a powerhouse in performance.


6,000mg of citrulline malate per scoop recovery can be increased and fatigue reduced.


With 250mg of caffeine (anyhydrous) not only will increase your fat burning potential, but you’ll also notice a boost in physical performance and improved cognitive performance, allowing for intense mental focus.


The primary and direct benefit of beta-alanine supplementation is the effect of raising intra-muscular carnosine levels which reduces levels of lactic acid build up allowing you to perform at your best for longer.

THE HIGHEST QUALITY UK MANUFACTURER – All Forca Fuel products are scientifically developed and manufactured 100% in the UK to the highest industry standards. The products are manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practice standards and tested by independent laboratories for potency and purity. Shop with confidence, knowing that our products are effective and safe.

63 reviews for F-Bomb – Our #1 Premium Pre Workout | Forca Fuel Best Seller (1 Month Supply)

  1. Teji

    absolutely legendary stuff and great tast. Favourite is S&L followed by watermelon

  2. Daumantas

    really good pre workout – Flavour: Watermelon

    Really good, i does work! Dont take before bed

  3. simon

    Great taste. – Flavour: Watermelon

    Watermelon flavour was great a taste and I had an awesome workout on it.

  4. Rachel Lovel

    Definitely recommend – Flavour: Watermelon

    Love this product I’ve taken list of different ones over the years but this is definitely up there with the favourites, have ordered quite a few times have had one problem but customer service was straight onto it replies right away and send a new tub very happy definitely recommend:)

  5. Sam

    Amazing pre work out. Won’t find another like it!!!! – Flavour: Watermelon
    Absolutely love this pre work out.
    Ordered more than once.
    Won’t be getting any thing else from now on!
    Customer service team are amazing, and fast response to customer query.

  6. li v

    Love This ! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    I have tried tons of pre workouts. this is a must for me personally. Gives me a great clean buzz with non of the awful crash you get with most. keeps me focused and actually I have found keeps my moods even too 😀 love love love it!

  7. Jitka

    Same energy level throughout – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    I’ve only used this preworkout twice, but have only good things to say about it. After an initial buzz feeling, I felt more focused, stronger, pushed harder and felt the same energy levels from start to finish of my two hour workouts. I was worried I would ‘hit the wall’ later in the day, but that did not happen. So all in all, I cannot recommend it high enough. Flavour is ok too, maybe a little artificial tasting to me, but as you drink it all at once, it does not bother me at all. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

  8. Kel

    Effectively dosed supplement – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Excellent pre workout. Purchased as it was the only product with effective doses of the ingredients I wanted. Everything else seems under dosed.

    Mixed really easily without needing a shaker – I added my own creatine – and gave the cleanest energy & focus.

    Bought a different brand while this was out of stock because it had well dosed ingredients buts it’s incomparable. Really noticing how good of a product f-bomb is while using a diff brand.

  9. Sara Hillier

    Excellent – Blue Raspberry

    Love the taste of this pre-workout. Would highly recommend and great value for money. 10/10

  10. Simon

    Great taste and energy! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Great taste, not to strong and tangy like a lot of pre workout flavours. Great sustained energy and focus through my workout too (not to mention great pump!) Well worth a try for sure!

  11. Greg

    A brilliant, consistent and great tasting pre-workout – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    A brilliant, consistent and great tasting pre-workout. The F-Bomb range hasn’t failed me as a pre-workout; taken as recommended and it’s given me exactly what I buy it for.

  12. Prophet

    F BOMB pre workout – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    I have tried so many different pre workout brands most recently gold standard but I gotta say this is the best one yet !!
    The flavour I ordered was apple n strawberry it’s tastes so clean and fruity no chemical taste whatsoever it give you a great kick also including that beta alanine tingle which I don’t mind.
    Overall it’s a top product and will be buying F Bomb again.

  13. kyle martin

    Well worth it – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Excellent product, tastes great.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Very happy with this – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Fab product, one you can trust to work !
    Taste is great results are better 🙂

  15. Nicky Collier

    Good pwo, intense! Recommended – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    This wasn’t the best pwo I’ve taken, and far from it. But, it’s a good mid – high range. I find I crash 40odd minutes in. But those 40minutes are very intense. It tastes, sharp. But overall it’s decent – I take pwo daily, and it’s also maintained a 1 scoop serving. I haven’t really built my tolerance which is nice. I like to try all different ones, so I wouldn’t come back to this product unless I had to. So, I’ll come back to this if there seems to be nothing else.

    I would recommend anyone try it tho!

  16. Amazon Customer

    Irresistible flavour and works like a charm! – Flavour: Blue Raspberry

    I have bought all the flavours you guys do, and love using this pre and even during the workout as it still gives you that extra buzz of energy. Especially during high cardio!

    This however, is easily the best flavour you do! In love with the flavour and mesmerised by the colour!

  17. Silv Stefanova

    Good flavour and good kick ???? – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Good kick, nice flavour. I just order for second time. I drink it every time before workout and gives me energy.

  18. M Brown

    Top – Flavour: Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottle

    Top gear – great for workout

  19. Gemma Stanyer

    The best pre workout I have ever tried!! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    What a great pre workout! So glad I found this one, I have previously tried other brand and not been able to get past the first use because the taste was vile, this one tastes great!! (Strawberry and lime)
    Really does give you that boost and feel I’m not getting tired through my entire workout
    Thankyou so much and I will definatly purchase this everytime now and will definatly recommend to others!

  20. Ant Lomax

    Effective – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    This is a decent pre workout. Minimal ingredients in sufficient amounts. Get a good energy boost with this.

  21. Jaaxxx

    best pre workout – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    this makes training so much better , great feeling ,increased focus whilst training, flavour is amazing, mixes really well. Have tried all the flavours of forca fuel great taste.

  22. Anil Kapur

    Great Focus & Flavour – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    I have been using pre-workout for the last 8-9 years, starting out when Jacked 3D initially came out and also C4, Muscle Pharm Assault and have used plenty of pre-workouts over the course of the years. This pre-workout from Forca Fuel has been perfect for me, it gives you a really sharp focus, but isn’t overwhelming and gives me a huge amount of energy without crashing 45 minutes later. I tend to use 1.5 scoops per workout whether that be for Crossfit, weightlifting, running etc and it always gives me consistent results. With other pre-workouts I tend to get used to the “buzz” and increase the recommended amount, however, I haven’t had to do that with F-Bomb. It is really a great all-around pre-workout and is great value for money. Also, another plus is the flavour, both the Strawberry & Lime and also the Cherry Cola taste so good so it is easy to drink!

  23. Sean Frost

    Brilliant Product – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    After trialling a few different pre-workouts, I’ve finally found a top quality product that delivers on what it says it will.
    Brilliant taste giving me the energy and focus needed for a gruelling workout.
    I will 100% be using again.
    Great quality, Great brand.

  24. Liam Syme

    Good quality/servings per tub i wish was more -Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    I used this product for weight training, the flavour and mix of the powder was very good.

    The amount of servings per tub ain’t great compared to other brands of similar cost. I

  25. lindsay

    Delicious – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    I really liked the flavour strawberry and lime and the price is one of the best ones for value. The flavour is quite sweet which is a bit of a shock on a morning when I have my preworkout but it is delicious and gives the boost needed.

  26. Miken

    Not completely sealed on arrival – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Not tried the preworkout yet but when I unscrewed the lid it looked as though someone has stuck a pin through the protective film on the top making it not sealed on arrival. The team replaced it for me 🙂

  27. Stuart Austin

    Great all round product, no proprietary blends – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Great product, gave a really clean energy, a massive pump and I had no crash afterwards. It mixed really well which is a problem i’ve had with other products and tasted AMAZING. When you look at the ingredients label it’s clear what’s in it and it appears this business is all about clarity which is great as I like to know what i’m putting into my body.

    All round a great product, thank you.

  28. David

    Doubles your workout – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Used to buy a more expensive brand but this stuff is even better for half the price

  29. N Jassal

    Great supplement – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    One of the best pre-workout supplements that I’ve tried. Great flavour too. Only drawback would be the price.

  30. Dragonfly83

    Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    This thing is great

  31. Amazon Customer

    Perfect Workout Buzz! – Flavour: Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottle

    Really happy with the product. I’ve tried a lot of pre work outs in my time and this is by far the best. Tastes exactly how I had hoped, and gives the perfect buzz for your workout.
    Feel it’s really good value for money!

  32. Amazon Customer

    ???????????????? – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime


  33. Mohamed Amer

    The name says it all !!! Bomb ???? – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    it is been one whole year since I moved from Miami that I have been trying to find an alternative to an American brand pre workout that i used to use and I tried several ones and they were all so bad until a friend of mine was kind to give a sample and I got hooked from the first sip ????awesome pre workout , extra boost to finish my workout and also keep working after on my strength and accessory work and the taste is unbelievable and needless to say value for money !! go for it !!!

  34. Amazon Customer

    Extra cardio boost!! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    I’ve recently started taking F-Bomb before cardio workouts and it really gets me going from the beginning till the end, giving that extra push until I’ve finished! Also, it tastes just as good as the strawberry and lime which surprised me, both amazing!

  35. Joseph gibbs

    Made me feel all special – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    I bought this to see how many dry scoops I could fit in my mouth, a bit like the cinnamon challenge. I managed 5, then went beast mode and smashed everything in the gym because I’m rambo. Buy this, it’s good 🙂

  36. Mpk

    My favourite pre-workout. – Flavour: Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottle

    I tried a fair few before from different companies, but this is the only pre-workout I keep re-buying. Works so well and gives me energy to push without the jitters. Highly recommend!

  37. Emilia

    The bomb.com – Flavour: Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottle

    Needed a bit of extra motivation to train during isolation and this product has done just that. Amazing flavour- can’t get enough.

  38. Dalwinder Maher

    Simply amazing! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Best pre workout drink! I gave it a couple of weeks to see what difference the f-bomb would make and amazing ???????? I used to feel my energy levels drop during my workouts but now I have half scoop of pre workout f-bomb half hour before my workouts and it’s made a difference on my performance in training, running and energy levels.
    Definitely recommend ????????????

  39. Steve whyte

    Does what it says it does – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Brilliant pre-workout, tried all the different ones find this one the best!

  40. darren mckenna

    Wow!! Rocket Fuel – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    This pre-workout is like rocket fuel. When I take this before my workout I’m able to push myself so much harder. It also tastes great, much better than some of the other pre-worouts that I’ve tried. Great product.

  41. SeaSickDec

    Good flavour, good boost. – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Good boost for a workout. Felt a few itches while talking it for the first few times but nothing major.
    Good for focus and workout.
    Nice flavour.

  42. Emilija

    Love this Pre! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Great product, i will be buying again.

  43. ALEX

    Good – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Tastes good, gives you a good energy boost no complaints.

  44. Vinnie S

    The best you can get – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Bought many times, used Grenade, GHOST, myprotein etc, but nothing beats the taste and the pump ForcaFuel gives me. Best tasting preworkout out there

  45. Mighty

    It’s quite smooth. – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Second buying saw a good change and felt quite confortable while working out.

  46. Amazon Customer

    Must try everybody ???????????? – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Amazing stuff, working well, flavour very good not so sweet like most on the market????recommended to everyone to try ????????????

  47. Amazon Customer

    Strong – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Great pump, can feel the beta analine for a while

  48. iwona p.

    Ok – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime


  49. Richard allen

    Great kick, good product – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    I’ve used a lot of pre workouts now some I’ve raved about other that have been blah.
    I’ve been using this pre workout on the daily, up to 2 scoops per workout.
    Gives a great buzz, focused workout, I’m feeling strong and longer endurance during my time at the gym.
    No crash afterwards, will 100% order again, going to try the proteins and other products too.
    Nice to see smaller brands coming through the market and getting the credit they deserve


    Great energy, great pump and great taste! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Best pre workout and I’ve tried a lot! Such good energy and pump but no crash! Taste amazing too, no sour or bitter taste like a lot of them out there! Got to try it!

  51. Nazmeen

    Very good – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime
    Great stuff…this really works for me and gives me the extra kick I need in the gym .

  52. shahed786

    Very good – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Great stuff…this really works for me and gives me the extra kick I need in the gym ..

  53. Charlotte

    Excellent All Round Pre – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Best tasting pre workout on the market! Would highly recommend 10/10!!

  54. Sean Looby

    Tremendous! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Best pre workout I’ve tried, tastes great too!

  55. Luke Norwood

    Worth the money! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Been using this for a few weeks now and know I get a seriously good workout when I take it. Really gets the blood pumping and sets a great focus. The taste is an added bonus. Highly recommend

  56. leane pearson

    Perfect – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Great flavour. Really helps with my gym workout

  57. Amazon Customer

    Taste amazing! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    I am a pre workout junkie…. and this one is my absolute favorite…!!

  58. Ryan

    Best – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Beats all other pre-workouts by a mile!!

  59. Toby Moore

    Great pump, great taste! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Great preworkout! The flavour is fab! Nice pump, gives that extra boost you need ????

  60. becca

    Best on the market – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Love this product , I never go to the gym without using it now!
    I’m sensitive to caffeine so I have half a scoop which gives me the burst of energy I need to get through my weight lifting work out without the negative side effects I’ve had using other products in the past (ie headaches , dizziness and pins and needles)
    Couldn’t recommend enough!

  61. Luke Perrin

    The best – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Hands down the best pre workout

  62. Toby Moore

    Great pump, great taste! – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Great preworkout! The flavour is fab! Nice pump, gives that extra boost you need ????

  63. N R Dukes

    With using various pre workouts I need something stronger – Flavour: Strawberry & Lime

    Yeah I used the product and was happy

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