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Stainless Steel Protein Shaker – Drinks Bottle – Water Bottle

Precision engineered and encased in a stainless steel shell, the Força Fuel Shaker is built to last. Available in a variety of colours, this stainless steel protein shaker is the ideal gym accessory. Ready to help you push through the hardest of gym sessions, we combine class and elegance with an unbeatable 750ml capacity. Now you can sip on your favourite Força Fuel Performance Protein shake, F-Bomb pre-workout and everything in between with ease.

No Lumps or Clumps

Your Forca Fuel Performance protein shakes, F-Bomb pre-workout and supplements are designed to be free from lumps and clumps when shaken in a high quality shaker like the Stainless Steel Shaker from Forca Fuel. Includes a metal whisking ball and FF blend system fixed into the lid – 3 shakes and ready to drink!

Unbeatable Quality

We have ensured every material used to craft this shaker is nothing short of the best so you have confidence that your shaker is created to the highest quality possible. Free from leaks and built to last.

Unrivalled Style

Crafted with 100% solid stainless steel and available in a variety of colours, these shakers look the part. Standing out from the crowd and setting a new style standard for shakers.

Benefits of Shakers

The Força Fuel Stainless Steel Shaker keeps your drink cooler for longer and is crafted using the highest quality stainless steel; BPA free and E-friendly components mean there is no lingering bad smell, keeping it fresh for unlimited uses.

The Forca Fuel Stainless Steel Shakers ensure your Performance protein powders, F-Bomb pre-workout and supplements are easily mixed with liquid to bring you a smooth well blended shake.