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Here’s three quick fat loss tips than you can action straight away…

1. Lift Weights

If fat loss is your goal and you’re not already lifting weights then you’re missing out. Gaining muscle is a sure fire way to increase daily calorie expenditure and look like a bad ass… Start light, focus on your technique and work your way up to heavier weights, progressive overload is the key here.

2. Stop Trying To Spot Reduce

Spot reduction is a myth! Doing 1,000’s of crunches a day is a waste of time and wont get you a six pack (sorry), spend your time focusing on compound lifts and creating a calorie deficit if you want a six pack.

3. Take Photos

There are plenty of ways to track your fat loss progress. Taking photos before, during and after a fat loss journey is a great way to keep motivated throughout the sweaty ordeal and everyone loves a good #TransformationTuesday post, also known as #DrMikeDay.

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