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Everybody I work with wants to burn fat and/or build muscle – to reach these goals their training must be structured in a way that facilitates these goals.

Training is just one tool needed to reach your desired body composition. The food and drink you consume everyday will essentially determine whether you reach your goal – this is the hardest part, not because it’s complicated, but because it is difficult (mentally).

When I train train clients they have an hour of intense work to get through to force their body to adapt in a positive way, with diet/lifestyle they have a further 23 hours to get through.

Are YOU mentally tough enough to get through that 23 hours making the correct choices with your goals in mind? Most aren’t, I definitely have my moments of weakness!

You can tweak your diet and try intermittent fasting, carb cycling, IIFYM, juice only diets etc.. the list goes on, but until you realise that the fundamental rule for a successful diet is that it must be maintainable long term then you really are wasting your time by trying every fad under the sun.

My Top Diet Tips

  • If you’re trying to build muscle then you must be in a calorie surplus, if you’re trying to lose fat then you must be in a calorie deficit, this is non-negotiable
  • Consume adequate protein (very few do this)
  • Prepare your food (not dry chicken and broccoli day after day)
  • Track your intake via apps like MyFitnessPal if that’s how you roll, I personally don’t like this route anymore
  • Don’t drink your calories
  • Treat yourself now and again, one meal won’t destroy your progress (unless you’re having cheat days like ‘The Rock’)
  • Don’t be a douche about it, just because you’re sticking to your diet it doesn’t make you superior to anyone else
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