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You’ll often see the term ‘proprietary blend’ on the ingredients list of popular pre workout supplements. If you see this term on the back of a pre workout, put it back where you found it, it’s not for you!

What this ‘proprietary blend’ essentially means is that the company is not willing to disclose how much of each ingredient they have used. They simply list between five and fifteen different ingredients in brackets and state that there’s ‘x’ amount of these ingredients combined within the product.

So, how much of each ingredient are you really getting? Nobody knows and I personally feel like this is a very shady way of doing business and should be outlawed. If I’m ingesting something I want to know exactly what’s in the product and that I’m not wasting my money on a product that isn’t dosed effectively.

When a supplement company hides behind this term, they could be giving you very little of the active ingredient you really want and a whole lot of filler – ingredients that do very little for you, also known as dust.

This keeps manufacturing costs down, while still allowing them to charge standard rates for a potentially useless product.

The result? A big profit margin for the supplement company and little to no benefit for you.

My advice: Choose a product that lists every ingredient and its respective dosage on the label.


At Força Fuel we select only the highest quality ingredients, which undergo strict quality control, lab testing and retesting. All of our ingredients are fully disclosed on the label and packaging. Shop Now 🙂

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