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If you answered ME! ME! ME! I’ve got some bad news for you. Despite what many magazines and fitness professionals might tell you, you can’t turn fat into muscle, you’re not Jesus.

The fat burning process is completely separate from the process of building muscle and muscle and fat are both different types of tissue within the body, they can’t morph into each other.

To understand this better we’ve simplified the two processes below, in hope that this will help dispel the ‘turning fat into muscle’ myth.


To build muscle, you first have to create a novel stimulus to break your muscles down. Your muscles will then adapt to this stimulus and repair as a stronger muscle. When paired with the right macronutrients and a calorie surplus (using less energy (calories) than your’e consuming through food), you can ultimately build muscle mass.


Burning fat is all about creating a calorie deficit: Which simply means using more energy (calories) than you’re consuming through food, this way the body is forced to turn to other forms of stored energy to fuel your daily activities. Often, but not always – this means burning fat for fuel.

As you can see, building muscle and burning fat are two very different processes and the two tissues can’t be turned into one another despite what the dude at the gym told you.

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